Rules of the Game 2019

25m Clearance Zone:
The 25 Metre Area is a rectangular area bounded by the touchlines, the goal line and an imaginary line parallel to and 25 metres from the goal line. This line must be indicated by a cone, pole or other marking.
Teams operating in the U12, U13, and U14 age groups will play out from goal kicks and be allowed to by the opposition team. The following processes apply:
Goalkeepers will take their own goal kicks.
All opposition players will retreat behind the 25m line.
The ball cannot be kicked directly beyond the 25m line.
The ball is in play after it has been kicked directly out of the penalty area and before becoming stationary, has been touched within the 25m area by a teammate of the player taking the kick.
An opposition player will not be able to encroach inside the 25 Metre Area until the ball is in play.
Infringement of any of the above results in the goal kick being retaken.
If in the opinion of the Referee, the 25 Metre Rule is being utilised to waste time by either team, the players guilty of the perceived time wasting will be cautioned.
Goalkeeper Disposal
In the U8 - U11 age groups, after a goalkeeper gathers the ball in his/her hands in the goal area, he/she must release the ball, within six seconds, by either throwing or rolling it from the hands or placing it on the ground and kicking it.  The goalkeeper is NOT allowed to kick or drop-kick the ball directly from his/her hands.
The game leader (referee) is asked to assist the game by moving opposition players away from the goalkeeper to help him/her with releasing the ball. 
Corner Kicks:
For U12 teams the ball is placed within an imaginary 1 yard (0.8m) arc drawn at a point eight yards (7.1m) from the point at which the penalty area meets the goal line.
There is no offside rule for U6 - U11: 
However, in U10 and U11, a referee observing a player persistently standing in an offside position should ask them to move on-side.
Children should be made aware of the off-side rule in training and encouraged to adopt this in games.